Hayat Hokayem, Ph.D.

Hayat Hokayem, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Program Area: Science Education

(817) 257-4354  |  h.hokayem@tcu.edu

Texas Christian University
TCU Box 297900
Fort Worth, TX 76129


Dr. Hokayem’s research interests stem from her background as a prior science teacher who strives to understand when, how and when students learn. She has conducted research using the cognitive and socio-cultural theoretical framework to understand how students reason about science content, and to identify the influence of the context on learning. Her interest focuses on the learning and assessment of disciplinary core ideas and science practices, and learning progressions of students reasoning. Dr. Hokayem holds a Ph.D. from Michigan State University in curriculum, instruction and teacher education with a focus on science education. For more information about Dr. Hokayem, see her CV.


Ph.D. Michigan State University (2012)

Master in Science Education, American University of Beirut (2006)

B.S. in Biology, American University of Beirut (1996)

Academic Areas

  • Biology
  • Science Education

Research Areas

  • Learning progressions
  • Learning of scientific practices and core ideas

Selected Publications

  • de la Fuente, Y., & Hokayem, H. (2017). Relating ecological technical terms to students’ reasoning in lower elementary. Journal of Biological Education. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00219266.2017.1293558
  • Hokayem, H., & Gotwals, A. (2016). Early elementary students’ understanding of complex ecosystems: A learning progression approach. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 53, pp. 1524-1545.
  • Hokayem, H. (2016). Patterns of reasoning about ecological systemic reasoning for early elementary students. Science Education International, 27, pp. 117-135.
  • Jin, H., Hokayem, H., Wang, S, & Xin, W. (2015). A US-China Interview Study: Biology students’ argumentation and explanation about energy and consumption issues. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 10, pp. 301-318.
  • Hokayem, H., Ma, J, & Jin, H. (2015). A learning progression for feedback loop reasoning at the lower elementary level. Journal of Biological Education, 49, pp. 246-260.
  • Hokayem, H., Jin, H., & Zhu, M. (2014) Scientific literacy in Lebanese biology national exams: A case study comparing pre/post reform exams. International Education, 44, pp. 73-89.
  • Hokayem, H., & Schwarz, C. (2014). Engaging 5th graders in scientific modeling to learn about evaporation and condensation. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 12, pp. 49-72.