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The four curricula below were designed for summer programming conducted through the Andrews Institute of Mathematics & Science Education.

  • Watch your Watershed (Dr. Feille and Dr. Nettles) – students (grades 3-5) engage in inquiry practices to understand local watershed systems and human and natural impact on the systems.
  • Watershed Rescue (Dr. Feille and Dr. Nettles) – students (grades 5-7) engage in inquiry practices to understand test results from local watershed systems, how humans and nature influence these results.  As citizen scientists they develop rescue plans for the local watershed.
  • Diving Deeper (Dr. Feille and Dr. Nettles) – alumni (students grades 5-7) build upon their past experiences in Watch your Watershed and Watershed Rescue by taking a closer look at the chemistry, geology, and ecology of the local watershed through inquiry-based investigation.
  • Watershed Preparedness (Dr. Feille, Dr. Nettles, and Ms. Stewart) – alumni (grades 6-9) from Watch your Watershed, Watershed Rescue, and Diving Deeper, use what they have learned to prepare a disaster response plan in committee format with regards to access to clean water.

The Andrews Institute recognizes the importance of being an active member of the community. By working in collaboration with other organizations with similar missions, we are able to better fulfill our mission. The following are links to resources that offer important information in the areas of mathematics and science education.

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