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Middle School Education

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Bachelor of Science in Education – Middle School Education [4-8]

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The middle school experience is one of significant transition and growth both mentally and physically for a child. Middle school students need well-equipped teachers who can help them meet these challenges, find their strengths, and build their confidence to succeed. 

This program will provide you with the most current methods and strategies to successfully teach and engage all learners while gaining in-depth knowledge in your selected content area.

Earn your master’s degree in five years with the Accelerated Master’s program, giving you an advantage in the classroom.

The BS in Middle School Education will equip you with the skills to teach grades 4-8. In addition to education courses, you will take several courses related to your area of emphasis.

Student experiences include both educational theory and practice with a range of coursework including:

  • Developmental Psychology of Adolescence
  • Study of Exceptional Students
  • Assessment and classroom management
  • Professional Roles and Responsibilities
  • Digital Literacy, Learning and Citizenship in Education

As a middle school education major, you will choose from one of the following content area options:

  • Field-based experiences begin your first-semester. You will visit classrooms and observe teachers at local schools to better understand what it takes to be a teacher in diverse educational settings. You will connect with teachers, school administrators, parents and students.
  • In your final semester, you will participate in full-time clinical (student) teaching. During this time, you will be fully engaged as a co-teacher in a local public or private school. With the guidance of your mentor teacher and supervisor, you will gain first-hand experience managing a classroom, large and small group teaching, lesson planning and motivating your students. You also have the option to teach abroad for three weeks.