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Project IEDev

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Thank you for your interest in Project IEDev: Researching Disability & Employment. Below you will find more information about the project and how to participate. 

Please contact Dr. Michael Faggella-Luby at or (817) 257-4355 with any questions that you have about the study.

Title of Research:  Project IEDev (Intellectual Employability Development): Increasing Competitive Integrated Employment for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Using 4SightGPS Technology 

Principal Investigator: Michael Faggella-Luby, PhD
[Co-investigators:] Curby Alexander, PhD

Project IEDev Summary

You are invited to participate in a research study. In order to participate, you must be 18 years of age or older, have a diagnosed disability and participate in one of the following programs: (a) college or university degree program, (b) postsecondary certificate program for individuals with disabilities, or (c) a K-12 18+ Program as designated by an independent school district. 

This study is being conducted in partnership with your local school and in a place of your employment (if related) and is supported/sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The purpose of this descriptive study is to better understand the relationship between learner characteristics and the occupational requirements of competitive employment positions for individuals with disabilities. The study involves a confidential review of educational records and brief 2-5 hour observations in an employment setting. There are no assessments, evaluations, or interventions.

You are being asked to take part because you are over 18, have a diagnosed disability and are enrolled in an educational experience at either a K-12 18+ program or a postsecondary institution of higher learning. We want to know how different individuals match to future jobs. If you decide to be in this study, you will be one of approximately 60 participants in this research study across all sites.

Your participation is voluntary. You do not have to participate and may stop your participation at any time.

Even if we publish the findings from this study, we will keep your information private and confidential. Anyone with authority to look at your records must keep them confidential.

What is the purpose of the research? 
The purpose of Project IEDev, a descriptive study, is to enable School Districts to increase competitive integrated employment skill levels for students with disabilities prior to students applying to Higher Ed Programs, resulting in substantial increases in those who can obtain admittance. If individuals consent to participate in this study, a researcher will visit your school to review any related educational records and ask to observe you in your work placement. Information gathered will be used to better understand learner characteristics and job placement requirements.

What is my involvement for participating in this study?
Participants will be asked to allow review of educational records including, but not limited to, disability diagnosis, diagnostic testing, accommodations (or modifications), attendance record, GPA, etc. Then researchers will coordinate with you to visit you and observe for 2-5 hours in your place of employment. No more than three visits will occur, and we will not interfere with your job at all.

We expect your participation to take about 2-5 hours of observation time while researchers collect data.

Are there any alternatives and can I withdraw?
You do not have to participate in this research study.

You should only take part in this study if you want to volunteer. You should not feel that there is any pressure to take part in the study. You are free to participate in this research or withdraw at any time. The decision to participate or not to participate will not affect your students status (course grade) or job status.  

What are the risks for participating in this study and how will they be minimized?
We don't believe there are any risks from participating in this research that are different from risk that you encounter in everyday life.

What are the benefits of participating in this study?
Although you will not directly benefit from being in this study, others might benefit because the outcome of this study is to better understand the relationship between learner characteristics and job requirements, therefore, improving successful placement and skill development.

Will I be compensated for participating in this study?
You will receive a payment of a $50 gift card for your participation when all study activities are complete. If you withdraw from the study at any point prior to the end of data collection, you will not receive the compensation.

What are my costs to participate in the study?
There are no costs to participate in the study.

How will my confidentiality be protected? 
Every effort will be made to limit the use and disclosure of your personal information, including research study records, to people who have a need to review this information. We cannot promise complete secrecy. Your records may be reviewed by authorized University personnel or other individuals who will be bound by the same provisions of confidentiality. 

We may publish what we learn from this study. If we do, we will not include your name. We will not publish anything that would let people know who you are.

What will happen to the information collected about me after the study is over?
Your name and other information that can directly identify you will be deleted from the research data collected as part of the project. We may share your research data with other investigators without asking for your consent again, but it will not contain information that could directly identify you.

Whom should I contact if I have questions regarding the study or if I am interested in participating?
You can contact Dr. Michael Faggella-Luby at or (817) 257-4355 with any questions that you have about the study.