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KinderFrogs Teacher Parent Association 

Parent involvement at KinderFrogs School is an important element of support and community connection within our school. Not only will you have the opportunity to meet the families and feel more connected, but you will also have a real impact on the experiences of the children we serve.

The KTPA board is made up of several representatives selected by the parents of the children at KinderFrogs School at TCU. Parents may attend the meetings or participate on the committees of choice. As a member of the board, it is important to know the expectations of participation including: 

  • Be available for bi-monthly meetings
  • Be available for calls from parents
  • Lead and coordinate sub-committees in conjunction with Director
  • Serve as advisors to the Director
  • Assist in development of information packet for newly identified special needs parents

Positions on the board include:

President | This position oversees committees, lead KTPA meetings, work with volunteers that support and sponsor KinderFrog events

Vice President | This position prepares agenda for meetings, works with communications chair to ensure all events are posted on internal site and facebook page, assumption to transition to President following year

Secretary | Take notes at each meeting and provide Communications person update of upcoming events/happenings, sign in sheets for meetings

Treasurer | Reconcile monthly statements on checking account, collect budgets from committees, report progress at KTPA meetings.

KTPA Communications | Keeping KinderFrog facebook page updated with current info and any other events, assist in monthly recap for President and/or teachers to include in newsletter to parents

Alumni Relations | Help update alumni email database, create email distribution with alumni to keep them posted on KinderFrog news and events

Weekly Grocery Shopper | Pick up Grocery order once a week for KinderFrogs school classes.

World Down Syndrome Day Chair | Coordinate fun at the school for World DS Day

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Committee

Yearbook Lead

Yearbook Committee

Photographers for Events

KinderFrog Buddy Walk Team Captain | Organize the KinderFrog families signing up on the team site, be there on the day of the event and help coordinate others that want to join/walk with KF Team (Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity).  If you don’t have a team, this is a great way to get involved!

Hospitality | New family welcome packet, “Buddy Families”

Standing Committees | Strategic Planning Committee will work with staff and faculty advisors to assist in evaluating and reporting the progress of the school towards its stated goals.

Annual Auction/Benefit Dinner Committee | Will meet once a month in August, September, October, November, and January. External KinderFrogs volunteers will be available based on need from the committee.

Event Chair | Overall coordination with committee, establish and lead monthly meetings for committee, working with Administrative Staff on details, Support efforts of Co-Chair needs, Volunteer coordinator

Event Co-Chair | Shadow Event Chair to transition into lead event chair following year, secure raffle prices for Chance drawing, decoration details, “Thank you”  to sponsors/contributors

Toddler Class Coordinators

Pre-K Class Coordinators

LEAP Class Coordinators | Assist collecting silent and live auction items from parents, update invitation list with parents, help teachers with auction class project as needed and be the coordinator of class related items needed for auction dinner  (Class goal is to secure 2 or more Live auction items, 15 themed baskets for Silent Auction)

Silent Auction Coordinator | Overall coordinator for silent auction items, communicate early in September exactly what parents can do to secure donations, establish system to collect all of the items, “Thank you” letter for silent auction items

Live Auction Coordinator | Overall coordinator for Live Auction items, communicate early in September exactly what parents can do to secure donations, establish collecting system of all items. “Thank you” to contributors of Live auction items

Invitations/Programs/Save The Date

Registration/Check-in/Check-out Coordinator

Registration Assistant | Goal is for the assistant to learn the process and become coordinator for following year

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Teacher Wish List Boards/Name Badges