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There are many ways you can gain financial support within the College of Education while also enhancing your learning experiences. From traditional financial aid and grants to assistantships, there are a variety of options available to you.

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All graduate students may apply for scholarships.


  • March 1 for all Master’s programs
  • February 1 for all Doctoral programs

2024-25 Scholarship Application is closed.

Dr. & Mrs. Jeff L. Horn Scholarship

Students and friends of Professor Emeritus Dr. Jefferson L. Horn established this scholarship in 1984. The scholarship benefits currently enrolled students who:

  • Graduated from TCU
  • Have completed 12 or more graduate hours at TCU
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Hold teacher certification
  • Have taught in public schools for three of more years

Hal & Nancy Bearden Scholarship

Nancy Roberts Bearden, through a bequest gift, established this scholarship in January 1992. Mrs. Bearden attended TCU where she earned a bachelor of business administration in 1930 and a master’s in education in 1946. She served Fort Worth as a teacher for many years – teaching at the elementary level and at Paschal High School. Preference is given to a full time graduate student.

Shirley Gibson Chapman Scholarship

Ms. Shirley Chapman of Dallas and the TCU class of 1927 established this scholarship in 1987 to honor her father, Charles W. Gibson who served on the TCU Board of Trustees from 1889 to 1920 and the Brite Divinity Board of Trustees from 1914-1919. The scholarship benefits currently enrolled students who:

  • Have completed 12 or more graduate hours at TCU
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Have taught 3 or more years in public school
  • Are currently employed in education

Redman Foundation Graduate Education Scholarship

The Redman Foundation of Dallas, Texas established this scholarship in 1986 to benefit students currently enrolled in the College of Education graduate program who:

  • Have completed 12 or more graduate hours at TCU
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Have taught three of more years in public school
  • Graduated from TCU
  • Hold teacher certification

Laura Lee Crane Scholarship

M. J. Neeley along with colleagues and friends of Ms. Crane established this scholarship in 1991 at the time of Ms. Crane’s retirement from TCU. Ms. Crane joined the TCU faculty as an instructor in the Speech Communication Department in 1962, she moved to the Starpoint School faculty in 1966, earned her Master of Arts degree in 1968, and served as the director of Starpoint from 1972 to 1990. Ms. Crane deeply impacted the community with her contributions. The scholarship benefits full-time graduate students studying special education.

Marilyn DeMoss Sumner and Tom Sumner Endowed Fellowship in Educational Leadership

Provided by the generosity of Marilyn DeMoss Sumner '68 and Thomas G. Sumner '67, this scholarship enables graduate students to receive an education at TCU.  The graduate financial aid award is based solely on merit with first consideration to students with the best qualifications. Primary consideration will be given to support graduate students within the College of Education who aspire to transform education through innovative and productive leadership approaches. This award is given to one student for a 3-year term, selected by the Dean.

Juanita Cash Fellowship

The Juanita Cash Fellowship for Graduate Education is an annual expendable scholarship that provides tuition and fees for FWISD teachers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to pursue a graduate degree in education; specifically a teaching field (i.e. special education, language/literacy education, science education, and/or math education). James I. Cash, TCU Class of 1969, of Wellesley, Massachusetts, established this fund in 1986 to honor his mother, a retired Fort Worth schoolteacher. He served on the TCU Board of Trustees from 1988 to 1996. (Awarded as funds become available.)

Lay-Williams Scholarship in Special Education

The Lay-Williams Scholarship in Special Education is for a new graduate student in the Special Education Program. The scholarship benefits newly enrolled students who:

  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Depth of content & pedagogical knowledge
  • Excellence in planning & delivering instruction
  • Demonstrate the ability to teach students with diverse background and skill levels
  • Stated passion for the field of Special Education

Dr. Sherrie Reynolds Graduate Scholarship

Established in 2014, this scholarship memorializes Dr. Sherrie Reynolds, a former TCU College of Education faculty member. Primary consideration is given to graduate students in Curriculum Studies.

Kelly Kyle Cumpiano Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the Robert J. and Edith K. Schumacher Foundation in honor of Kelly Kyle Cumpiano ’12 ‘13. The scholarship enables graduate students to receive an education at TCU. Primary consideration will be given to a student with financial need entering the Accelerated Master’s Program. Graduate financial aid awards are based solely on merit. 

 Andrews Institute Scholarship

The Andrews Institute Scholarship is awarded through the Andrews Institute of Mathematics & Science Education to selected graduate students in the College of Education.  To qualify, a student must be admitted into the College of Education in the M.Ed. in Science Education or M.Ed. in Mathematics Education programs.  For part-time students in the M.Ed in Mathematics Education, M.Ed. in Science Education, or Ph.D. in Science Education programs,  the award is for one year only. A new application must be submitted each year.  The application deadline is March 1st. For full-time students, a full scholarship may be offered with the letter of acceptance into the program. To request an application, contact Dr. Molly Weinburgh.

Our Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) pays one-third to one-half tuition for up to six hours per semester. Award amounts depend on the number of eligible students and the amount of available funds. You are able to apply for the upcoming summer, fall and spring terms. Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered only if funds are available.


  • March 1 for all Master’s programs
  • February 1 for all Doctoral programs


Ida M. Green Graduate Fellowship
The Ida M. Green Fellowship is awarded to a first-year doctoral student, carries a cash stipend, a tuition waiver, and has no assigned duties. The fellowship was established in 1987 in honor of Ida M. Green. Mrs. Green was awarded a TCU honorary degree in 1977 and was the wife of Dr. Cecil H. Green who served on the TCU Board of Trustees from 1970-1978. Dr. Green was born in Manchester, England, and was the co-founder of Texas Instruments. In 1991, Dr. Green was appointed an Honorary Knight of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistants (TAs) perform work relating to the Teacher-Scholar Model, blending experiences of teaching and scholarship as they assist a faculty member or Graduate Instructor. TAs support core teaching duties within each graduate program by monitoring undergraduate laboratories and supporting large lecture sections through attending class, taking attendance, calculating averages, grading exams, monitoring online discussions and providing occasional lectures. 

TAs may also assist a professor through data collection; proofreading or copyediting written materials; managing correspondence; and/or library, online or field research. These assignments carry a workload of no more than 20 hours per week.

TA duties are primarily related to teaching. TAs are not, however, instructors of record or adjunct faculty and do not carry full responsibility for the courses they assist.


  • March 1 for all Master’s programs
  • December 1 for all Doctoral programs - priority
  • February 1 for all Doctoral programs

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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistants (GAs) help with program-related work for a graduate or other awarding unit. GAs are assigned to departments or graduate colleges and directors of academic programs rather than to assist individual faculty or staff members with research or teaching duties.

Learn more about the Higher Education Leadership GA program.

Research Assistantships

Demonstrating the Student-Scholar Model by offering students the opportunity to participate in faculty-led research projects allows Research Assistants (RAs) to experience the various stages of completing a focused research project. RAs provide research support to designated faculty members through experiment design; data collection; proofreading or copyediting written materials; managing correspondence related to the research project; and/or scheduling, organizing or completing library, online or field research. These appointments are typically funded by grants.  Though they may have the opportunity to participate in courses related to faculty research projects, RAs are not considered teaching support; their duties are primarily research functions.

Graduate Instructors (GIs) are instructors of record for lecture courses or supervisors of complete lab courses and are responsible for all course preparation and research, supervising of Teaching Assistants assigned to their courses/labs, and hold ultimate responsibility for grading, equipment care, ordering textbooks, and holding office hours for their courses.

These appointments provide TCU graduate students with teaching experience at Starpoint School and KinderFrogs. Associates will be responsible for developing high level and specialized teaching skills in appropriate areas, based on the needs of the program, teachers, and children at Starpoint School or KinderFrogs. (Required: Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood-Sixth Grade)


  • March 1 for all Master’s programs

2024-25 KinderFrogs Associate Application is closed.

2024-25 Starpoint Associate Application is closed.

The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant is a federal grant that can provide financial support if you plan to teach in a high-need field in a low-income area. 

Students in the following programs are eligible to apply: Special Education M.Ed., Curriculum & Instruction M.Ed.: Mathematics Education Emphasis and Curriculum & Instruction M.Ed.: Science Education Emphasis. 

TEACH Grant website