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Student Support Services

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The TCU Student Support Services (SSS) & SSS STEM-Health Science Programs seek to increase the retention and graduation rates of eligible participants and to assist in fostering an institutional climate conducive to the success of first generation, lesser-income college students and students with disabilities.

The SSS & SSS STEM-HS Programs assist undergraduate students enrolled at TCU. Each student in the SSS Program receives an individualized educational plan that outlines a strategy for addressing academic and personal needs. Program staff update these plans at the end of each semester.

The program has been on campus since 1997 and has had a significant impact on retention rates of the target population. 

According to the federal regulations, potential students must meet the following criteria mandated by the governing regulations for participation in the TCU Student Support Services Program. Students must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States or meet the residency requirements for federal student financial assistance
  • Be enrolled at the host institution or accepted for enrollment in the next academic term at Texas Christian University and meet one of the following:
    • Be a first-generation college student,
    • Be a low-income individual, OR
    • Be an individual with a disability

The federally funded TCU Student Support Services Program provides the following services to students enrolled in the program:

  • Tutoring
  • Academic and Skill Enrichment Workshops
  • Personal Counseling
  • Academic Advice and Assistance
  • Cultural Events
  • Academic Workshops
  • Career Services
  • Activities Designed to Foster Enrollment in Graduate Programs
  • Study lab
  • Computer lab
  • Mentoring
  • Grant Aid

Q: How do I know if I am a First-Gen College Student?
You are a first generation college student is either your mother or father did not obtain a Bachelors degree. If siblings, aunts, uncles or other extended family went to college, your parents did not go, you are still considered a first generation college student.

Q: Is there an age limit to participate in SSS?
No, there is not an age limit. All are welcome here.

Q: Is there a cost to participate in the program?    
There is no cost to students who qualify. The program is fully funded by the U.S. Department of Education and by TCU. Students who actively and fully participate and complete all program requirements will be eligible to apply for supplemental grant aid. The Director and Advisor/Counselor for the Student Support Services Program can provide prospective students with more details.

Q: When can I apply?
Generally applications are considered at the beginning of every semester. However, we recommend you turn in your application as soon as you hear about us and we will do our best to process it if possible. 

Q: Do you hire student workers?
We generally hire Student Ambassadors from our pool of members to serve as our student workers for the program. Other opportunities include serving as a tutor. Please reach out to program staff for more information. 

To apply for admission to the TCU Student Support Services Program, students may come by the Student Support Services office located in the Rickel Academic Wing of the University Recreation Center, Suite 163. Once the completed Student Support Services Program Application is turned in, Student Support Services staff will review the application and arrange for an interview. Each student who qualifies must attend the Student Support Services orientation.

  1. Email your completed application to Cynthia Montes
  2. Drop off your completed application to the TCU SSS Program Office located in the Rickel Building, Suite 163 on the TCU Campus
  3. Mail your completed application to:
    TCU Student Support Services
    TCU Box 297760
    Fort Worth, Texas 76129

Application Checklist:

  • Complete and return an application by the deadline date
  • Please provide us with the following required documents:
    • Application form completed
    • A copy of parent/guardian’s latest Income Tax Form 1040 or Student Aid Report (SAR) found at
    • A copy of College Transcript for transfer students
    • A copy of your Current Class Schedule
    • A copy of your Financial Aid Summary/Award Letter
    • Proof of Residency requirement if you are not a US citizen, please furnish a  copy of alien registration card
    • If applicable, a copy of certification of disability (Verification through the Student Disabilities Services)