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Accelerated Master’s Option

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Theron Smith

Available only to TCU undergraduates, the Accelerated Master’s Option allows outstanding students to combine a Bachelor’s degree with the Master of Education (M.Ed.) in only five years. Students are eligible to apply for admission to the graduate program if they will have completed 90 hours of undergraduate coursework by the end of their junior year.

Areas of study include Curriculum & Instruction (Curriculum Studies, Language and Literacy, Mathematics Education or Science Education specializations) or Special Education.

Students intending to pursue an accelerated option should make their plans known as early as possible to their faculty advisor and mentor in the College of Education to ensure proper advising. If admitted to the Accelerated Option, students complete up to 12 semester hours of the M.Ed. program during the fourth year of undergraduate study.

The accelerated master’s program gives us the opportunity to collaborate with peers and professors, fine-tune our teaching knowledge and abilities, and prepare for our futures in and outside the classroom.

Kate Hults M.Ed. ’18

Candidates must work with their undergraduate advisors to determine how the courses will apply to the undergraduate degree. During their senior year, they complete the following classes:

EC-6 Undergraduate Major 
EDEC 55123 Learner-Centered Teaching: Families
EDEC 55313 Educational Assessment
EDEC 55663 Motivating and Managing Students in the Classroom
EDUC 55293 Curriculum Workshop

Middle/Secondary Undergraduate Major 
EDEC 55663 Motivating and Managing Students in the Classroom
EDEC 55313 Educational Assessment
EDUC 55980 Internship (6 hours)

Youth Advocacy and Educational Studies Undergraduate Major
EDUC 55113 Schools, Curriculum & Society
EDUC 55003 Diversity in American Education
EDUC 55510 Internship: Youth Advocacy and Educational Studies (6 hours)

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At the end of the fourth year, assuming that all other graduation requirements are met, the student earns the baccalaureate degree. During the fifth year, including summer, the student completes the remaining semester hours toward the M.Ed. degree. Students will complete 3 hours of core courses, 12 hours from the Teaching and Learning emphasis (including Educational Assessment), 3 hours of electives, and 12 hours from content area specialization as described under the Traditional Master’s Option.

Note: All Accelerated Option applicants who are admitted into the College of Education will begin their fifth year the summer after completion of student teaching.

Admission Deadline
March 1st of Junior Year (applications open on Jan. 1st)

Virtual Master's Program Information Session
Friday, January 19, 2024, 11:00-11:30 a.m.
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