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K-12 Educational Leadership

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M. Ed. in K-12 Educational Leadership

This major prepares administrators for collaborative leadership in a context of rapid and substantive change. Our central task in these classes is the investigation and clarification of core beliefs about schools, young people, and effective education.

To read more about the M.Ed. in K-12 Educational Leadership program and view the Program of Studies, visit the TCU Online Catalog.

Download program of study:

Learn more about the Principal Fellows Program

  • Optional: Official GRE scores.
  • Applicants seeking to enroll in the coursework leading to certification as a principal must have completed at least one full year of teaching in an accredited school prior to beginning coursework.
  • Please include two professional letters of recommendation and one personal letter of recommendation.  If applying for certification, at least one of the professional references should have a supervisory role.

March 1 – fall admission

As of March 15, 2017, the Texas Education Agency Board requires the implementation of an Accountability System for Educator Preparation Programs (ASEP) technology fee, as required by 19 TAC 229.9(7). This fee is required for each candidate seeking certification; the candidate must pay a $35 fee when admitted to the program for the 2018-2019 academic year and beyond. The fee will appear on your TCU student account.

The links below provide two important resources for the Midpoint assessment: Requirements and Guidelines for completing the assessment and the Application Form to be completed and submitted with the two assessment artifacts. Students must complete their Tier I coursework in Educational Leadership prior to submitting this assessment, and this is a requirement before students can proceed to Tier II courses.

Experienced teachers who hold a master’s degree may apply for the TCU Educational Leadership Certification-Only program. The required 18 hours can be completed in one academic year (fall and spring) and qualified applicants receive substantial financial support. Students take 9 hours per semester (including a principal practicum) and enjoy small classes with experienced professors who served as educational leaders. The program prepares individuals to successfully navigate the state of Texas certification examinations and, more importantly, serve as exemplary educational leaders. Those who complete the certification-only requirements may choose to apply to a doctoral program, enabling students to enter doctoral studies with 18 graduate hours completed.

Program Advisors: Drs. Erin Atwood and Miriam Ezzani