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Early Literacy

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The Science of Teaching Reading in Early Learning: What is Phonological Awareness and Why it is Important?

Day 1, Session 1 - May 31, 10:50 - 11:50am

The Reading Academy, Prek, and Phonological Awareness: What you can do to get your students started out on the right path to success! Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of teaching Phonological Awareness to our youngest learners and take practical strategies back to the classroom.


Kristelle Delgado

Promoting Early Literacy Skills Through Play

Day 1, Session 2 - May 31, 1:05 - 2:05pm

In Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms, play is more than just fun for children. This session will focus on ways in which structured and unstructured play can promote early literacy skills. Come and explore how blocks, dramatic play centers, recess, and other play-based activities can support reading, writing, listening, and speaking development.


Michelle Bauml, Ph.D.
Professor and Clotilda Winter Professor of Education
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Heather Hennesey

Writing and Early Literacy: How an Understanding of the Developmental Timelines of Writing can Guide your Instruction and Support Student Success

Day 2, Session 1 - June 1, 10:50 - 11:50am

In our session, "Writing and Early Literacy: How an Understanding of the Developmental Timelines of Writing Can Guide your Instruction and Support Student Success," we will analyze the new Texas Pre-kindergarten Writing Guidelines and compare the differences in the Pre-K 4 outcomes from 2015 to 2022. We will then delve into gaining a deeper understanding of the Developmental Timelines of Writing and conclude by investigating opportunities to apply your learning to guide instruction and support student writing success.


Frankie Vaca

Developmentally Appropriate Practices and Literacy Readiness in the Preschool Classroom 

Day 2, Session 2 - June 1, 1:05 - 2:05pm

If you feel like it is getting harder and harder to meet curriculum goals for literacy while using developmentally appropriate practices (DAP) in your preschool classroom, you are not alone. Attend this session to learn how to incorporate elements of the science of reading, DAP, literacy standards, and family collaboration to support early literacy. 


Melodi Faris
Kathleen Kyzar, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
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