TCU College Advising Corps

The TCU College Advising Corps helps low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented students find their way to colleges that will serve them well. By providing well-trained, enthusiastic advisers to underserved Tarrant County high schools, the TCU College Advising Corps aims to increase college-going rates at partner high schools within the Greater Fort Worth community. Visit the TCU College Advising Corps Website

TCU College Advising Corps advisers are placed as full-time college advisers in local underserved high schools. Advisers work to foster a college-going culture within the schools they serve, which is one of the best predictors of whether students will pursue higher education. Advisers become part of their school’s community. They collaborate with teachers and administrators to tie college-going into the life of a school, devise creative approaches to reach and connect with students, and most importantly, open the eyes of students and their families to the possibility of college. Equally important, advisers supplement, not replace, existing high school counseling staff, thereby reaching more students.

The TCU College Advising Corps serves over 40,000 high school students in 24 schools in the following districts: Arlington ISD, Birdville ISD, Crowley ISD, Everman ISD Fort Worth ISD, Lake Worth ISD and White Settlement ISD.

TCU College Advising Corps Team

Matt Burckhalter, M.B.A., M.Ed.
Melondy Doddy, M.Ed.
Assistant Director
Nancy Gonzalez
Program Specialist
Maggie Moore, M.Ed.
Program Coordinator
Rebeca Moreno
Program Coordinator
School DistrictAssigned High SchoolFull NameTCU E-mail AddressWebpage Link
ArlingtonJames BowieElise Shropshiree.shropshire@tcu.edu
ArlingtonJuan SeguinJacob Trevinojacob.j.trevino@tcu.edu
ArlingtonSam HoustonTimi Ijabikentim.ijabiken@tcu.edu
BirdvilleHaltomAshlyn Walkerashlyn.j.walker@tcu.edu
CrowleyCrowleyElle Meyerse.meyers@tcu.edu
CrowleyNorth CrowleyCole Polleyc.polley@tcu.edu
EvermanEvermanConnor Wynneconnor.wynne@tcu.edu
Fort WorthArlington HeightsCandace Sotoc.g.soto@tcu.edu
Fort WorthBenbrookMaia Gunnmaia.gunn@tcu.edu
Fort WorthCarter-RiversideEmily Lopeze.y.ruppe@tcu.edu
Fort WorthDiamond Hill-JarvisAbel Reyes, IIIabel.a.reyes3@tcu.edu
Fort WorthDiamond Hill-JarvisAshlyn Hollidaya.r.holliday@tcu.edu
Fort WorthDiamond Hill-JarvisGuadalupe Sanchezg.sanchez3@tcu.edu
Fort WorthDiamond Hill-JarvisHannah Cannonhannah.cannon@tcu.edu
Fort WorthDiamond Hill-JarvisTony Albaa.albapasillas@tcu.edu
Fort WorthDiamond Hill-JarvisTyler Grijalvatyler.j.grijalva@tcu.edu
Fort WorthDunbar, P.L.Caitlin Reedcaitlin.reed@tcu.edu
Fort WorthDunbar, P.L.Delaney Clarkdelaney.clark@tcu.edu
Fort WorthDunbar, P.L.Makayla Dennism.m.dennis@tcu.edu
Fort WorthDunbar, P.L.Mang (Kim)
Fort WorthDunbar, P.L.My Lem.t.le@tcu.edu
Fort WorthDunbar, P.L.Rachel Sneedr.n.sneed@tcu.edu
Fort WorthEastern HillsArrianna Cervantesa.g.cervantes@tcu.edu
Fort WorthEastern HillsBobby Neilbobby.neil@tcu.edu
Fort WorthEastern HillsKate Hudackk.e.hudack@tcu.edu
Fort WorthEastern HillsMattie Davismattie.l.davis@tcu.edu
Fort WorthEastern HillsRiyah Whitleyriyah.whitley@tcu.edu
Fort Worth ISDEastern HillsSonia Gracianosonia.graciano@tcu.edu
Fort WorthNorth SideMichelle Hootenm.tapia@tcu.edu
Fort WorthOD WyattJames Sangj.sang@tcu.edu
Fort WorthOD WyattJewell Cookseyj.u.cooksey@tcu.edu
Fort WorthOD WyattKara Striblingkara.stribling@tcu.edu
Fort WorthOD WyattMaddie Zimmermannm.f.zimmermann@tcu.edu
Fort WorthOD WyattMary Benitesmary.benites@tcu.edu
Fort WorthOD WyattTerrance Jones, Jr.t.d.jones@tcu.edu
Fort WorthPaschalAllie Eckermana.eckerman@tcu.edu
Fort WorthPolytechnicBrian Hernandezbrian.hernandez@tcu.edu
Fort WorthPolytechnicDavid Aguwan.aguwa@tcu.edu
Fort WorthPolytechnicGeorge Nuñezgeorge.nunez@tcu.edu
Fort WorthPolytechnicOlivia Cartwrighto.cartwright@tcu.edu
Fort WorthPolytechnicSarah Evanss.k.evans@tcu.edu
Fort WorthPolytechnicTarynne Smithtarynne.r.smith@tcu.edu
Fort WorthSouth HillsEmi Gomezemi.gomez@tcu.edu
Fort WorthSouthwestHailey Smithhailey.smith@tcu.edu
Fort WorthTrimble TechRachel Longr.f.long@tcu.edu
Fort WorthWestern HillsValerie Gonzalezv.gonzalez18@tcu.edu
Fort WorthWestern HillsAntonia (Anto) Carafiantonia.carafi@tcu.edu
Fort WorthWestern HillsCaitlyn Boudreauxc.boudreaux@tcu.edu
Fort WorthWestern HillsCanali Millercanali.miller@tcu.edu
Fort WorthWestern HillsElissa Moodyelissa.f.moody@tcu.edu
Fort WorthWestern HillsSean Perezsean.oliva.perez@tcu.edu
Lake WorthLake WorthMason LeDonnemason.ledonne@tcu.edu
White SettlementBrewerCassandra Kneblikc.r.kneblik@tcu.edu