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Ed.D. in PK-12 Educational Leadership

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The mission of the TCU Educational Leadership doctoral program is to develop leaders who make a difference for the common good. The program serves professionals from the PK-12 educational context who want to develop the breadth of knowledge and skills needed to succeed in advanced leadership roles within the PK-12 area as well as professionals who work externally to PK-12 but in education-related endeavors (business/corporate training, policy organizations, or nongovernmental organizations). The program weaves several emphases throughout coursework, supporting the student to:

  • Develop and practice reflective, ethical, and justice-oriented leadership
  • Collaborate with persons from diverse backgrounds, roles, and perspectives in the service of systemic improvements toward excellence and equity
  • Communicate effectively via multiple modes (oral, written, via technology)
  • Analyze, define, and respond to complex problems
  • Anticipate and respond to dynamic environments

An applicant must have a master's degree in education or related field. Applicants must present a strong academic record (GPA of 3.0 or higher in either the last 60 hours of college credit or undergraduate GPA). Applicants to the EDLE Ed.D. must submit:

  • Official transcripts of all prior collegiate work (e-transcripts may be sent to
  • A statement explaining the applicant's interest in earning the Ed.D. and how the applicant sees the Ed.D. fitting with personal and professional goals
  • Equity statement
  • Current resume
  • Complete either a video or in-person interview
  • Online Criminal Background Check

Learn more by visting the TCU Online Catalog.

The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership is a 54-hour degree aimed at enabling leaders in PK-12 contexts to sucessfully engage in a range of professional endeavors. Students are required to take a suitable number and variety of graduate courses and field-based experiences to prepare for the completion of the capstone project or dissertation-in-practice.

The Ed.D. encompasses a minimum of 54 hours of core courses, fieldwork, and directed capstone or dissertation-in-practice, though additional courses may be needed if preqrequisites have not been met or if a student requires more than 15 credit hours to complete the capstone or dissertation-in-practice.  A detailed program of study is outlined in the TCU Online Catalog.

Download program of study (PDF)

 2023 EDLE Ed.D. (PK-12) Cohorts and beyond (54 hours)


PK-12 Cohort
Summer 1 (S23)
6 hrs
  1. EDAD 70003 - Foundational Readings
  2. EDAD 70033 - Ethics & Equity-Oriented Leadership
Fall 1 (F23)
6 hrs
  1. EDUC 70953 - Research in Education
  2. EDLE 70053 - Cultural Foundations in Educational Leadership
Spring 1 (Sp24)
6 hrs
  1. EDHE 70153 - Org. Behavior & Change
  2. EDUC 70983 - Intro to Quant
    * Students complete committee request/information forms for capstone/dissertation matching (no requests accepted prior to this process)
Summer 2 (S24)
6 hrs
  1. EDAD 70073 - Capstone/Dissertation Seminar (Cap A) [Develop RQs, Purpose statement, Lit Review)
  2. EDUC 70923 - Intro to Applied Qualitative Methods OR EDUC 70823 Inquiry Seminar: Mixed Methods
Fall 2 (F24)
6 hrs
  1. EDLE 70043 - School & Community Contexts
  2. EDAD 70073 - Capstone Dissertation Seminar (Cap B) [Methodology chapter, draft IRB forms]
Spring 2 (Sp25)
6 hrs
  1. EDAD 70013 - Legal & Social Environment of Education
  2. EDAD 70043 - Educational Policy & School Finance [with chair: schedule/practice/complete proposal, submit IRB/obtain permissions]
Summer 3 (S25)
6 hrs
  1. EDAD 70073 Capstone/Dissertation Seminar (Cap C) [Data collection/analysis]
  2. EDLE 70083 - Issues & Trends in Superintendency
Fall 3 (F25)
6 hrs
  1. EDAD 70073 - Capstone/Dissertation Seminar (Cap D) [Data collection/analysis/full draft]
  2. EDLE 90093 - Supt. Practicum or EDAD 70200 - Internship OR EDLE 60093 Principal Practicum (A)
Spring 3 (Sp26)
6 hrs
  1. EDLE 90093 - Supt. Practicum or EDAD 70200 - Internship OR EDLE 60093 Principal Practicum (B)
  2. 3 hours of Capstone/Dissertation: EDAD 90770 (capstone) OR EDUC 90990 (3 with chair)

 In addition to this program, students seeking principal certification must complete three courses (as non-degree-seeking students) prior to enrollment with the Ed.D. cohort:

  • EDLE 60043 (Instructional Supervision A: Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment)
  • EDLE 60053 (Instructional Supervision B: Supervision, Evaluation & Coaching)
  • EDLE 60083 (Data Use for Educational Leaders)

Students seeking principal certification must also complete T-TESS and AEL training at a Regional Service Center prior to TCU personnel releasing the student to sit for either of the principal certification exams (268 and PASL) 

Summer 2024
June 7-9
June 21-23
July 12-14
July 26-28

Fall 2024
August 17-18
September 21-22
October 19-20
November 2-3
December 7-8

Program Coordinator

Miriam Ezzani, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
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