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Suzie Almy earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 1987 and earned her elementary education certification in 1994 from TCU. She teaches at High Point Academy, a charter school in Fort Worth.

Suzie Almy

What is your favorite part of post grad experience?

Following in the footsteps of Dale Young, my favorite post grad experience is wearing purple on Wednesdays at school (we wear our school colors on Friday). The next thing you know, my 5th grade team was wearing purple and many of my students too. It was just a fun thing we did to show our support.

In what ways has the College of Education prepared you for your current career?

Every single class I took in the school of education ended up preparing me well, especially the classes that focused on the process of learning how to read. And any class that prepares you for the first day, first week, first year of teaching is helpful.

What was your favorite memory in the College of Education?

I had an Adaptive PE class where I got to know and work with an autistic boy and teach him how to swim. It was challenging but very rewarding and it turned out to be a great precursor for the many special needs students I have had over the years. I have found that the hardest kid in your class you end up loving the most.

What advice would you give to a current student that you wish someone would’ve given you?

My advice to current students is after you graduate don’t go for the perfect job with the biggest salary. Find a smaller district with kids who need you because that is your family.

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