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Jasmine Tucker

Jasmine Tucker earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2016 and earned her Master of Education in Counseling while working for TCU’s College Advising Corps, earning her second degree in 2019. She is now a counselor at Crowley Middle School and published a therapeutic journal in September.

What is your favorite part of post-graduation experience?

"I did appreciate not having class anymore. I was so busy during school working and going to class and studying, I was constantly on the go. I loved getting off work and having nothing to do. I enjoyed the free time to devote myself to my journal."

Can you talk about the therapeutic journal you recently published?

"I started a blog in January 2017 and started writing more about mental health and faith, how they intertwine and how we build relationships with other people. I’m very big on journaling and that’s one of the main techniques I teach my clients, but most journals are blank. I thought, what if I create a journal that gave space to focus on gratitude with different prompts to get them thinking. I think this is the start of something great and hope it will be a safe space to focus on gratitude or process issues and vent."

In what ways has the College of Education prepared you for your current career?

"I’m here today as a school counselor because of my job as a college adviser. I changed my master’s from the clinical track to school counseling and I learned so much through my job with TCU CAC – good organization, time management and Assistant Program Director Melondy Doddy taught us so much in Excel.

Within the College of Education, Dr. Becky Taylor never dimmed my light. She told me it was a strength that I ask questions that many people shy away from. The counseling program allowed me to be more courageous in who I am and it taught me how to be personable, meeting people where they are and understand that they’re humans. TCU’s program is based on solution-focused brief counseling and that’s what I stand for as a person and an educator. I think people have strengths they don’t even know yet and want to find their purpose. I ultimately want to open up a private practice firm to consult with school districts and help students in need."

What was your favorite memory in the College of Education?

"As an undergraduate I was in TCU’s color guard and got to perform on the Cowboys field at AT&T Stadium, which was incredible. As a graduate student, I had to present a huge case study for my orals. It’s very intense like a dissertation and everything went wrong leading up to it. The presentation wasn’t loading and it was kind of a train wreck but it still went so well. I was nervous while the professors made a decision, so when they opened the door and said I passed, I cried. That was the sweetest moment. I worked hard for that. To go through adversity and obstacles on the day that was the sweetest day, no words could describe that – just my tears."

What advice would you give to a current student that you wish someone would’ve given you?

"I wish someone would have told me to show myself grace, not feeling like I have to put a time stamp on everything. Everything doesn’t always go as planned and there are things you have to adjust. It’s OK if your plan gets derailed; just keep going."

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