Clinical (Student) Teaching

Clinical teaching is a very important element of the teaching certification process. Clinical teaching is as a full day, full-time, school-based experience that is supervised by both a cooperating teacher and TCU field supervisor. The clinical teaching experience provides pre-service teachers the opportunity to make practical application of knowledge, learning principles and teaching techniques.

All TCU College of Education students are required to complete clinical teaching as part of their teacher certification program. Students in the EC-6 program will student teach 35 days in two grade levels for a minimum of 70 days (minimum of 14 weeks). Students in the Middle/Secondary program will student teach for a minimum of 70 days (minimum of 14 weeks) in one school. Students obtaining all-level certifications will work with their advisors to determine appropriate field placements and schedule to meet the minimum requirement of 70 days of clinical teaching. Graduate students in the TCU Teach program will student teach for a minimum of 140 days (minimum of 28 weeks).

The Director of Student Teaching and Community Outreach is responsible for administering and organizing the clinical teaching process and placements. Below you will find useful information regarding the clinical teaching experience. For more information, contact Karrabi Malin.

Admission Requirements

Any student who wishes to be considered for admission to clinical teaching must meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of all content area and education coursework with a minimum of 2.75 GPA and no grade lower than a “C”
  • A minimum overall TCU GPA of 2.75
  • Successful completion of Senior Seminar EDEC/EDMS/EDSE 30001: Professional Practice Seminar
  • Professionalism in attitude, demeanor, ability, and preparation

Decisions are made for admission by an Admissions Committee comprised of faculty members familiar with the students’ academic and professional status.

Assessment and Evaluation

Texas teachers are evaluated using T-TESS (Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System). Teacher effectiveness is based on: a) observation, b) teacher self-assessment, and c) student growth. Clinical Teaching classroom observations are based on the standards and skills addressed in the T-TESS. To learn more about the Texas teacher evaluation, visit the Texas Education Agency’s web site:

Clinical Teaching Application

  • Please fill out the Online Clinical Teaching Application. Indicate if you are interested in teaching abroad (if applicable).
  • Applications are due September 1 for the spring and February 1 for the fall.
  • mandatory workshop will be held prior to student teaching to address requirements, meet field supervisors, discuss the certification process, and address questions and concerns.
  • Clinical teachers will follow the district calendar with respect to start dates, holidays, and breaks.

Resources for Current Clinical / Student Teachers and Supervisors



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