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Texas Christian University (TCU) College of Education faculty and graduate students set out to highlight research contributions across 19 engaging conference sessions at the 2024 American Education Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, set for April 11 through April 18. This significant involvement underscores the College's dedication to advancing the field of education through impactful research.

Sessions kick off on April 11, with "Learning from and about Los Maestros: Hispanic Male Experiences as Bilingual Educators in Texas" roundtable, featuring a robust panel from TCU, including Nicole Weinberg, Steve Przymus, Gabriel Huddleston, and Dean Frank Hernandez among others. This session, held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, delves into the unique challenges and perspectives of Hispanic male educators in Texas.

Another highlight includes the April 11 paper session, "Llámame Maestro: Reflections of Hispanic Male Teachers in Texas," providing deep insights into the experiences of Hispanic male teachers. Simultaneously, Michelle Bauml's roundtable, "Using Scaffolded Approximations of Practice to Strengthen Elementary Preservice Teachers’ Confidence for Teaching Social Studies," offers innovative strategies for future educators.

On April 12, the symposium "Borderlands: Constructing Educational Possibilities Across P-20 Systems" led by Dean Frank Hernandez, promises a structured conversation between educational leadership and teacher education, exploring pathways to construct educational possibilities across systems.

Throughout the event, TCU representatives will engage in diverse topics, including decolonization in higher education, indigenous pedagogies and the preparation of preservice teachers for discussing controversial identity issues. Each session aims to foster dialogue, share knowledge and inspire attendees with fresh perspectives on education.

Robust participation at the AERA Annual Meeting is a testament to the TCU College of Education's commitment to contributing meaningful research that advances the academic community and addresses real-world educational challenges.

A compilation of sessions led by TCU College of Education-affiliated faculty and graduate students is available online here.