Transfer of Credit

Prior to consideration of any coursework for transfer from another university or college, the College of Education requires official copies of transcripts listing the courses you are transferring, a syllabus from the transfer course(s), and the transfer credit request form. All transfer of credit requests must be completed within your first 12 hours of enrollment at TCU. Accelerated Master’s Option students are not eligible to transfer graduate credit.

An official transcript is only considered official if it is sent directly to the Office of Graduate Studies in the COE by the university of origin (address: TCU Box 297900, Fort Worth, TX 76129; official e-transcripts to Transcripts should arrive sealed in an official university envelope. Transcripts that arrive via fax, or hand-carried, or mailed by the student are NOT considered to be official transcripts and will not be accepted for admission or transfer of credit requests. Transfer of credit requests will only be considered if the classes were taken at an accredited college or university.

Colleges or universities that do not have accreditation are not recognized by TCU.