An “I” grade is recorded when the student and instructor have determined that the work required for a course cannot be completed within the term of enrollment due to circumstances beyond the control of the student. Under no circumstances will a grade of “I” be given to avoid earning a grade of “F” for the course.

The “I” (Incomplete) grade must be removed within the first sixty days of the semester immediately following or it is changed to an “F.” Any extension of this time must have written approval of the instructor and Dean. This policy does not apply to graduate thesis, thesis-recital and dissertation hours. The student must secure the permit from the Registrar’s office and take it to the instructor before offering work of any kind toward making up the “I” grade. The instructor is not permitted to receive make-up work until the permit is presented. “I” grades on theses and dissertations are removed by special reporting forms when the student completes the work.” If you have “I” grades on your transcript (other than thesis) at the time of your next registration, your enrollment will be restricted according to the number of incompletes received. Students with one “I” will be restricted to 6 hours of enrollment. Students with two “I’s” or more will be restricted to 3 hours of coursework in the following semester in order to facilitate satisfactory academic progress.

Students with an “F” will be required to retake the course the next time it is offered.