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The Institute of Mathematics, Science, & Technology Education was established as the result of a National Science Foundation grant between the Museum of Science and History, the College of Education, and the College of Science and Engineering.  As part of the grant, TCU agreed to sustain the Institute after the funding stopped. In 1999, TCU provided the Institute a working budget and a full-time administrative assistant. The mission was to provide an environment for innovation and change in mathematics and science education through creative research and teaching. 

Kathleen Martin served as the chair of the Institute founding committee. Paul Kennedy served as the director from 1999 to 2001. Janet Kelly became the second director in 2001 and served until 2006. She expanded the work of the Institute and established a variety of outreach programs.  In 2006, Molly Weinburgh became the third director. A generous gift from the Judy and Paul Andrews in 2007 resulted in student support and research programs as well as a name change to the Andrews Institute of Mathematics & Science Education.