Undergraduate Admissions

Students who plan to earn a teaching certificate must declare Education as their major or minor and formally apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program in the College of Education. To be eligible for admission, students must meet, or will meet during the semester in which they apply, the minimum criteria. However, meeting only the minimum criteria does not ensure admission to the Teacher Education Program. According to the criteria, students must:

  • Complete a minimum of 54 semester hours of coursework.
  • Attain a minimum overall GPA of 2.75 on a minimum of 12 semester hours of coursework at TCU and 15 hours of coursework in the content area for those planning to teach in math or science.
  • Complete a course in each of the following areas of study: speech communication (OC) and EDUC 20003 (Critical Inquiry) with a grade of “C” or better 1.
  • Complete 12 hours of content area coursework.
  • Achieve a grade of “C” or better in all content areas 2 and education courses taken prior to admission.
  • Have a current (within one year) and clear criminal record check 3.
  • Demonstrate high professional, ethical, and relational standards of behavior, appropriate emotional control, and communication (oral, written, and technological) with adults, children, and fellow students,
  • Attain required scores on one of the following tests: THEA (TASP), ACT or SAT. These scores must not be older than five years.
Reading: 260 Reading: 500 Reading: 19
Math: 230 Math: 500 Math: 19
Writing: 220 Writing: 500 Composite: 23
Composite: 1570

1 Prior to admission to the College of Education, students may take EDUC 20003, 30113, 30143 and EDEC 30103. Students are not allowed to register for any other education courses until admitted to the College of Education.

2 Content area for middle/secondary/all-level education majors/minors includes all coursework related to the content area. Content area for EC-6 majors includes history, government, mathematics, English, lab sciences, geography, fine arts and speech.

3 A person who is enrolled or planning to enroll in a SBEC educator preparation program, or planning to take a certification exam may request a preliminary criminal history evaluation letter regarding the person’s potential ineligibility for certification due to a conviction or deferred adjudication for a felony or misdemeanor offense (TAC §227.101c).

4 TCU does not administer the THEA (TASP). For more information about the THEA (TASP), click here.

Clinical teachers will follow the district calendar with respect to start dates, holidays, and breaks.

Any exception to these admission standards must be approved by the program faculty and the College of Education dean and/or designee.

Pedagogy and content courses taken at this university per degree plans and prior to admission into an educator preparation program (EPP) satisfy some state certification requirements. (TAC §228.35a6)

Admission Deadlines

Students applying for admission to the Teacher Education Program should do so by October 1 for spring admission and March 1 for fall admission. Late applications will be considered on a space-available basis. Eligibility to apply does not ensure admission to the Teacher Education Program. The Admissions Committee will consider minimum criteria, as well as student performance (professional attitude, demeanor, abilities and preparation) and available space in the program.

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