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TCU Brings Math and Science to Life for Westpark Third Graders

From Fort Worth Independent School District News

Third-graders from Fort Worth ISD’s Westpark Elementary School learned a series of fun and interactive lessons when graduate students from TCU’s Andrews Institute of Mathematics and Science Education visited their school.

The TCU students facilitated math and science lessons in which third-graders completed exercises focusing on life cycles, energy, fractions, measurements and forensics. TCU mascot Super Frog also joined in on the fun.

The third graders donned laboratory coats as they communicated results of a science experiment using graphs and drawings. Using Skittles candies, the students learned about fractions. In a lesson utilizing bright glow sticks, students learned about chemical energy. Other lessons focused in mapping parts of life cycles and forensics measurements.

Third-grade students wrapped up the day sharing future aspirations on having a career in the science field.