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TCU and Botanical Research Institute of Texas sign educational and research agreement

Provost Nowell Donovan announced today that TCU and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas have formalized an educational and research agreement that should lead to further interactions between the two institutions.

Students in both the College of Science & Engineering and the College of Education will have the opportunity to work with BRIT’s botanists and research staff to perform plant science and field research to help satisfy their respective degree requirements. This research includes any and all research and education that involves plants, from basic ecology to plant molecular biology.

“BRIT’s experiential learning, coupled with its research labs and herbarium, adds a new learning dimension to our educational programs,” said Donovan. “Their research scientists will develop and teach classes, and will help direct undergraduate research.”

The program is expected to be ready for students in the Spring of 2018.

BRIT is a non-profit, international research and education center that collects and safeguards Earth’s plant record, studies and protects living plants, and teaches about the importance of conservation and biodiversity to the world. BRIT educators create new ways to turn information into knowledge through outdoor discovery, discussion and experiential learning for both students and teachers.