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Student Spotlight: Daniel Cruz

As we celebrate Latinx Heritage Month and the ongoing contributions of Latinx educators and advocates, we highlight some of the TCU College of Education students, scholars, teachers and leaders making an impact in their communities.

Daniel Cruz is a Secondary Education senior specializing in Social Studies. He is a first-generation student and a TCU Community Scholar who aspires to teach in Fort Worth.

What inspired you to study education at TCU?

“I started taking Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. History and AP World History and I just fell in love with the content. Something about learning the past, learning where you come from, learning how states, countries were founded.

My U.S. History teacher really impacted what I wanted to do and I want to do that for students as well. She made her classroom so much better with the fact that she was always so positive.”

How has your family supported you as a first-generation college student?

“My parents were born in the 1950s in a very rural area in Mexico and had no background in education. They don’t really understand college, but they always support me. I feel really honored to have such great parents that even if they don’t understand, they would do anything to help me.”

What has your experience been like as a Community Scholar at TCU?

“Community Scholars has been amazing to me. I cannot imagine paying out of my pocket to go to college. The program has not only opened a lot of doors right now, but it’s going to continue opening a lot of doors because I won’t have to pay anything back. That is such a blessing for my family and for me.

It’s not just a free ride, you have to keep working for it. It’s not just about your GPA – you have to be a part of cultural events, workshops, leadership seminars, professional development, community service, so they really keep you on your toes but it’s all worth it. These are things you should be doing anyway, even if you’re not a Community Scholar because it gives you insight and perspective on other cultures.”