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Student Spotlight: Alejandra Lopez

As we celebrate Latinx Heritage Month and the ongoing contributions of Latinx educators and advocates, we highlight some of the TCU College of Education students, scholars, teachers and leaders making an impact in their communities.

Alejandra Lopez is an Early Childhood-6th Grade Education senior and will complete the Accelerated Master’s Program to earn her Master of Education in Curriculum Studies one year after earning her bachelor’s degree. She is a first-generation student who plans to teach in Fort Worth and pursue further degrees.

What inspired you to study education at TCU?

“I was always really close with all my teachers and they all taught me different things and impacted my life differently. I wanted to do the same for students.

TCU was always my dream school but in high school I didn’t see myself going to college. A friend encouraged me to apply and I got accepted, so that was amazing. My junior year at TCU, I was able to connect with a lot of my professors, and they taught me so much and one professor encouraged me to do the master’s program and recommended curriculum studies. I’ve always been all about social justice and I always think that with history and social studies, we can always teach it differently and teach more about Latinx, Black and indigenous people.”

How have you connected with students in your field experiences?

“My fall semester of my junior year, I observed at an elementary school in Fort Worth ISD and it reminded me of my elementary school. The students have so much potential, but I feel like a lot of students don’t think they do. As educators, I feel that’s our role to let students know that they’re able to do whatever they want. I’m a first-generation student and I want students to know that I did it and they can do it too. I didn’t really have teachers in elementary school who looked like me. When I went to that elementary school, I felt like a lot of students were able to talk to me because I looked like them, so that was really nice. I hope to do that with my students.”