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Starpoint School Honors Veterans

Starpoint School students honored veterans with a ceremony held for the first time this year at the school on Friday, November 9. What started with a collaboration between Michelle Bauml,  A.J. and Edna Pickett Endowment for the Clotilda Winter Professor of Education, and Lisa May, first year instructor at Starpoint, grew into a school-wide celebration that coincided with the 100 year anniversary of Armistice Day.

Bauml created a lesson plan when she attended a primary source workshop at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and later reached out to Starpoint School. May volunteered immediately to collaborate with Bauml and teach a unit in her class.

“As a professor and a former teacher, having an opportunity to watch young children embrace the historical aspect of Veteran’s Day and then seeing the children take their ideas and run with them, culminating in such an honoring and respectful celebration was just really meaningful to me,” Bauml said.

May and her students continued their Veteran’s Day studies beyond their classroom, leading an assembly and service project for the entire school. May found Operation Gratitude online and Starpoint students wrote letters, made art and donated their Halloween candy to send in care packages to troops deployed overseas.

“We’ve been talking a lot about sacrifice — what our service men and women do for us and what we can do for them,” Kristen Adams, Interim Assistant Director of Laboratory Schools said.

At Friday’s assembly, students sang songs and had the opportunity for a Q&A with guest speaker Jeff Pengelly, a former U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve sergeant and father of first year student Haydn. The students presented Pengelly with medals they made in art class depicting words they associated with veterans. Students and their families also collected artifacts from family members who served and brought photos, letters, medals and other items dating back to World War I to display.

Bauml and May are co-authoring an article they hope classroom teachers can use for Veteran’s Day lessons in the future.

“When Lisa expressed such enthusiasm for this project and the lessons I knew I wanted her to collaborate with me as a co-author,” Bauml said. “We hope to submit the article by the end of the year and publish next fall so other teachers will be inspired to do something similar for their schools.”

Starpoint School has served TCU’s campus and community for over 50 years as a laboratory school, educating children with learning differences and providing observation, teaching and research for aspiring educators.