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Senior Honors Students Attend New Thesis Event

As graduation nears, many seniors work to finish their final college assignments.

Senior honors students work to finish up their senior thesis.

Family, friends, classmates, and faculty gathered together on March 22 to honor and listen to six senior College of Education honors students present their honors theses.

The Honors Liaison for The College of Education Amber Esping said the John V. Roach Honors College decided that this year each college would individually provide a platform for their college’s senior honors students to present their honors thesis.

This year those seniors were Allie Friedman, Dayna Martin, Sarah Clement, Beth Harrison, Catherine Cummisky, and Jordan MacAskill.

“It used to be that all of the students seeking departmental honors across the university would present their projects in one giant event,” Esping said.

Esping said this year the honors college decided to let each college create an event for their own students because each college knows the best platform for their students to present on. Read full story