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Principal Fellows Practice Mindful Leadership

Principal Fellows Preparation TCUPrincipal Fellows cohort students traded desks and chairs for meditation pillows and therapy balls, focusing on techniques to manage stress in their busy professional and personal lives on Saturday, February 20. Urban Yoga founder and director Brook “Surya Pratibha” Barrow led a mindfulness practice for the cohorts, one of many Saturday Seminars they attend in the final year of their preparation program. The sessions feature a variety of diverse topics related to aspects of leadership.

Barrow led breath, mindfulness and meditation practices, offering affirmations for the students to release negative beliefs about themselves and others. She said these techniques can be especially helpful for resolving internal and external conflict, making decisions, and managing stressful situations.

“When you’re about to step into a tense meeting, pausing to take a moment and get clear about what it is we want to step in with can really be a game changer,” Barrow said.

Barrow knows firsthand how these techniques can manage stress. She left a nearly 10-year career as a Federal Attorney to follow her dream of creating a yoga studio for healing, opening Urban Yoga in Fort Worth in 2010.

Associate Professor of Educational Leadership Marla McGhee began practicing yoga and mindfulness at Urban Yoga three years ago, and invited Barrow to lead the session, beginning with Fellows Cohort I.

“We are absolutely intentional about teaching our students to manage professional stressors and make productive work-life choices,” McGhee said. “Public schools are complex and vibrant places that need healthy, energetic leaders. We sincerely believe that leaders who pursue balanced lives will be more successful for their students, faculty and staff, and the communities they serve. “

About the Principal Fellows Program

Each year, the Principal Fellows program admits a cohort of 10-14 students from partnering districts. Fellows follow the same certification oriented degree plan as other M.Ed. seeking students, and additionally spend year two of the program working in full time, paid administrative intern positions within their home districts.