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Paschal Principal Wins Excellence in Education Award

Dr. Terri Mossige and Dr. Mary M. Patton“I have a passion and a drive and I want what’s best for all kids. It’s because of those teachers in my life who believed in me and provided me support,” said Dr. Terry Mossige, who received the College of Education Excellence in Education award, recognizing an individual who has made contributions in the field of education and is actively involved with the TCU College of Education. The ceremony held Tuesday, April 26 also recognized community partners and outstanding education students.

Mossige said she thanks her teachers and family for supporting her journey from a young woman who almost didn’t graduate high school, to now serving as the dedicated principal of Paschal High School. Mossige received support from mentor Sherrie Reynolds, former TCU professor who passed away in 2014. She also received support from many TCU professors when she sought out higher education after earning a bachelor’s degree from Texas Wesleyan University.

“I wanted to get a master’s and change systems to educate all kids,” Mossige said. She said many professors at TCU made a mark and helped her lead.  Mossige earned her master’s at TCU in 2003 and returned to complete her doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2013. She said getting a college degree changed her life, and she wants more students to experience that.

Mossige has no doubt changed many lives in her career. She taught at Meacham Middle School, Diamond Hill-Jarvis Middle School, served as Principal at Stripling Middle School before leading Paschal High School. There she has started a program to provide food, financial assistance and Christmas gifts for students in need. She has created a partnership with TCU, working with the College of Education and the College of Social Work. Many TCU students and alumni teach and mentor at the school.

“College is about an awakening of the spirit, and that’s what TCU has done for me.” Mossige said.

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Student Honors and Recognitions

Viktor Frankl Award in Counseling: Elizabeth Rosales

Senior Scholars: Catherine Cummiskey, Sarah Clement

Education Deans of Independent Colleges & Universities of Texas Preservice Educator of the Year: Kaitlin Ka’iulani Leota

Dr. and Mrs. Noel Bailey Special Education Scholarship, Sherry Lynn Williams Endowed Scholarship, Dr. Henry J. Patterson Endowed Scholarship: Taylor Bowers

Timothy Stephen Gideon Education Scholarship: Cayia Leffel

Heather & James R. Graham Endowed Scholarship Recipient: Lillian Shaver

Jim and Tammy Hille Endowed Scholarship in Education: Theron Smith

Donald Mills Scholarship: Kally Nord

Scott and Mary Mooring Endowed Scholarship: Mackenzie Krus, Kayla Kempson, Alexandria Friedman

Martha Hackley Salmon College of Education Teacher Scholar  Apprenticeship: Camila Padilla