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Moran Teaches in Belize

Early Childhood Education junior Caitlin Moran has spent her last two spring breaks teaching classes in Belize, on mission trips with Christ Chapel Bible Church. This year she took a leadership role, helping coordinate other students on the trip who were interested in teaching.

Moran and her group taught at the United Community Primary School, a private school with around 700 students. Moran told College of Education Dean Mary M. Patton about her trip and the College of Education provided pencils, printer paper, stickers and bags for the school teachers, many of whom walk or take two hours of public transportation to get to work every day. At the end of the week, the school held a teacher luncheon where the staff received the bags and supplies.

“It’s so humbling as a future educator to see how important education is, and how different it is in other places,” Moran said. “The principal is so motivated and wants to make change in the school.”

Moran said one of her favorite parts of the trips have been teaching with fellow students, like Ansley Phillips. She also enjoyed writing songs and creating letter writing assignments. Three languages are spoken at the school, including some English and though Moran said the difference in culture and language was a challenge, she was delighted that students she taught the year before remembered her and remembered what they had learned through the songs and writing assignments.

“It’s so fun to be in the classroom and build relationships but it’s sad because I go for a mission trip for a week but the students and teachers are at the school every day – dealing with issues many of us don’t face,” Moran said.

She said she will return to Belize for the mission trip again next year and hopes to do more for the school’s students and staff.