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May Named Fort Worth Top Teacher

By Brian Kendall for Fort Worth Magazine

Lisa May teaches first grade at Starpoint Schoola lab school at TCU that provides education to children with learning differences. As May puts it, the students she teaches weren’t successful at another school.

At the first-grade level, May loves getting “to show [the students] how beautiful they are and point out all their strengths. And then we take those things, and we help them overcome their weaknesses.

“Not only to know how to survive in school, but how to thrive, and how to take on challenges.”

Starpoint is for children ages 6 through 11, and once they leave their program, the hope is they are ready for their next education environment, whatever it may be.

According to a parent who filled out our online poll, “These students leave their [previous] schools believing they are dumb, unworthy, and that they are failures, all because they learn differently. Mrs. May erases all of that. She very quickly proves to them that they are worthy, they are very intelligent, that they can be successful at anything they put their mind to.

“She doesn’t just teach; she saves.”

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