Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction: Language and Literacy

The Language and Literacy specialization focuses on research and pedagogy related to language and literacy, while preparing graduate students with an in-depth understanding of teaching reading and writing to children and adolescents. With this knowledge, students will be able to establish themselves as teacher-leaders in their respective schools and districts. Note: This program does not meet the requirements for Reading, English Language Arts teacher certification. Prerequisite: Certification to teach EC-6, or English Language Arts/Reading at respective grade levels.

Admission Deadline

March 1–last day to complete application for summer/fall admission.

Required Courses for the Traditional Master’s Option

Language and Literacy

Students complete 15 hours of course work within their specialization selected from the following.
EDUC 60413 Foundations of Literacy
EDUC 60613 Analysis of Literacy Progress
EDUC 60053 Advanced Study of Literacy Instruction
EDUC 60083 Seminar in Language and Literacy
Elective (3 hours)

Core Requirements (9 hours minimum required for all students):
EDUC 70953 Research in Education (3 hours)
EDUC 60203 Curriculum and Instruction (3 hours) OR EDLE 60043 Instructional Leadership A: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (3 hours)

3 hours of additional research (choose one of the following)
EDUC 60043 Action Research (3 hours)
EDUC 70963 Qualitative Inquiry I (3 hours)
EDUC 70983 Introduction to Quantitative Research (3 hours)

In addition to the content specialization and core requirements, students select either a Research Emphasis or a Teaching and Learning Emphasis.

Research Emphasis: 6 thesis hours are required for the Research Emphasis. An additional six hours of course work are required from the list of courses below, with advisor guidance:
EDUC 60810 Seminar in Educational Research (1-3 hours variable credit)
EDUC 60043 Action Research
EDUC 70960 Apprenticeship in Research (1-3 hours variable credit/may be repeated)
EDUC 70963 Qualitative Inquiry I
EDUC 70973 Qualitative Inquiry II
EDUC 70983 Introduction to Quantitative Research
EDUC 70923 Introduction to Applied Qualitative Methods
EDUC 60823 Educational Program Evaluation
EDUC 70980 and 70990 Thesis—6 hours required

Teaching and Learning Emphasis: All students choosing the Teaching and Learning emphasis select 12 hours from the list of courses below, with guidance from their advisor. Three hours of Treatise are required within the 12 hours for the Traditional Master’s Degree Option.

EDUC 60213 Psychology of Thinking and Learning
EDEC 60223 The Young Child
EDEC 60133 Play and Creativity
EDLE 60043 Instructional Leadership A: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
EDLE 60053 Instructional Leadership B: Supervision
EDUC 50263 Digital Communication and Collaboration
EDUC 50253 Applied Teaching and Learning with Technology
EDSP 50273 Technology for Diverse Learners
EDUC 60313 Educational Assessment
EDUC 50503 Foundations of Language Acquisition
EDUC 50513 Curriculum and Instruction in the Second Language Learning Classroom
EDMS/EDSE 50173 Development of Written Communication
EDUC 70903 Treatise—required for Traditional Master’s Degree Option

Prerequisites include completion of a bachelor’s degree and initial teacher certification.  Details can be found in the TCU Online Catalog.