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Lacina, Griffith Featured in Literacy Today

IRA-JULYDr. Jan Lacina and Dr. Robin Griffith have been highlighted in a Meet the Editors article in Literacy Today. Lacina and Griffith were named co-editors of The Reading Teacher from 2015 through 2021. For the past year they have been creating review boards, building strategy and gathering content for their first issue, published in July 2016. Lacina and Griffith chose Literacy for All as the journal’s theme this year, with articles focusing on cross-cultural research and classroom tips.

“As an international organization, it is important to reach across continents to study excellent teachers and methods for improving reading instruction,” Lacina says in the article.

The Reading Teacher is published by the International Literacy Association (ILA), which reaches classroom teachers and university literacy researchers world-wide. The Meet the Editors article will be published online and mailed to International Literacy members in July. Read full article

Dr. Lacina is a Professor of Literacy and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, and Dr. Griffith is an Associate Professor of Literacy.