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Groves Wins Mars Map

mars-map2Andrews Institute Teacher Quality Granting Program recipient Angela Groves won a Giant Destination Mars Map™ from Buzz Aldrin’s ShareSpace Foundation. At 25 by 25 feet, the map is too large for Groves’ classroom at Daggett Middle School, but she plans to spread it out in the gym or the cafeteria with the accompanying curriculum next semester.

Groves is the only teacher in Texas to receive one of the first 50 maps awarded by the foundation. One other map in Texas is located at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas. Groves completed an online application and didn’t expect to receive the map but says she’s thrilled that she did.

“I’ve been a flight and space fanatic since a third grade trip to the Wright Brothers Museum,” she says.

Her interest in space extends far beyond the classroom. Groves is a NASA education ambassador for the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission. She trained with mission engineers at Goddard Space Center and participates in monthly webcasts on Mars’ climate history.

Groves says her passion for learning and teaching science is fueled by the Andrews Institute workshops. She has been a part of the granting program funded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for six years and attends teacher training and content deepening sessions for three weeks in the summer and one Saturday per month with two colleagues at Daggett.

“It is the best professional development we’ve ever experienced,” Groves says.

She is also active in many professional organizations including the North Texas Space Society. She will present her lesson plans with the Mars map at the Space Exploration Educators Conference in Houston in February.