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Four Professors Promoted

By Shelley Hulme for TCU This Week

During the spring TCU Board of Trustees meeting last week, the group voted on tenure, promotions and granting emeritus status to faculty members.

Four faculty in the College of Education were promoted:

francyne huckaby
Dr. Francyne Huckaby
Dr. Hayat Hokayem
Dr. Marcella Stark
Dr. Curby Alexander









Tenure is defined as a “permanence of position.” It’s a multi-faceted process that may take decades for professors to achieve, if achieved at all. Requirements for tenure include, but are not limited to, procuring grants, performing leading-edge research, presenting at national and international conferences, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, advising undergraduate students, serving on departmental, college and university committees, as well as professional society committees, and having one’s work published.