Kathleen Kyzar, Ph.D.

Kathleen Kyzar, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education

Program Area: College of Education

(817) 257-6079  |  k.kyzar@tcu.edu

Texas Christian University
TCU Box 297900
Fort Worth, TX 76129


Kathleen Kyzar, Ph.D., is a TCU alumna and former deaf education itinerant teacher in Fort Worth and surrounding communities. Her role involved partnering with families and other service providers (e.g., doctors, clinicians, diagnosticians) to meet learner needs. She earned her Ph.D. in special education at the University of Kansas and worked as a Research Associate at the Beach Center on Disability at the University of Kansas, then as an Assistant Professor at Texas Woman’s University before joining the TCU faculty. Her research centers on developing equitable family-school partnership practices and programming in early childhood/elementary settings, and evaluating the effects of such programming on learner, family, and educator outcomes. Her research has been published in top-tier academic journals within the special education/early childhood field, and she is a co-author on the forthcoming Pearson textbook, Families and Professionals: Trusting Partnerships in General and Special Education. Dr. Kyzar enjoys teaching courses related to early childhood education, family-school partnership practices and programming, and quantitative research methodology. She is an active member of the Council for Exceptional Children’s Division for Research Committee on Research and Families of Individuals with Disabilities, which focuses on including individuals with disabilities and their families in research, and dissemination and promoting ongoing communication between research, family, and practitioner communities. Through her research, teaching, and service, she aims to support schools and families in building and maintaining trusting partnerships that benefit student academic and behavioral learning.

Please click here to access her vita with more information about her teaching, publications, presentations, and service.


Ph.D., Special Education
University of Kansas

M.A., Deaf Education: Family-Centered Early Education
Gallaudet University

B.S., Deaf Education
Texas Christian University

Academic Areas

  • Early childhood education and programming
  • Family-school partnerships and collaboration
  • Early childhood special education

Research Areas

  • Family-professional partnerships
  • Family quality of life
  • Family support
  • Early childhood professional development

Selected Publications

Kyzar, K. B., Mueller, T. G., Francis, G. L., & Haines, S. J. (2019). Special education teacher preparation for family-professional partnerships: Results from a national survey of teacher educators. Teacher Education and Special Education. Advance online publication. doi:10.1177/0888406419839123

Strickland-Cohen, M. K., & Kyzar, K. B. (2019). Events that help and hinder family-teacher communication within SWPBIS: A qualitative analysis. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 21(3), 148-158. doi:10.1177/1098300718813622

Haines, S. J., Francis, G. L., Kyzar, K. B., Aldersey, H. M., & Adams, N. (2018). Family-professional partnership with refugee families whose school-aged children have disabilities: What the research tells us. International Review of Research in Developmental Disabilities, 54, 35-70. 

Kyzar, K., Brady, S., Summers, J. A., & Turnbull, A. P. (2018). Family quality of life and partnership for families of students with deaf-blindness. Remedial and Special Education. Advance online publication. doi:10.1177/0741932518781946

Kyzar, K., & Jimerson, J. B. (2018). Bridging the school-home divide in the middle grades: A process for strengthening school-family partnerships. Middle School Journal, 49(1), 13-23. doi:10.1080/00940771.2018.1399331 

Kyzar, K. B., & Strickland-Cohen, M. K. (2017). Family-professional partnerships within schoolwide positive behavior interventions and supports (SWPBIS): Preliminary evidence for the Partnering for Positive Behavior (PPB) meeting strategy. Inclusion, 5(4), 248-262.  

Haines, S.  J., Francis, G.  L., Mueller, T.  G., Chiu, C., Burke, M. M., Kyzar, K., … Turnbull, A. P. (2017). Reconceptualizing family-professional partnership for inclusive schools: A call to action. Inclusion, 5(4), 234-247.