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Education Senior Wins Best Professional Portfolio

Jacklyn TrazskaEarly Childhood Education senior Jacklyn Trzaska won Best Professional Portfolio at TCU’s annual FrogFolio Showcase in April. 

Director of ePortfolio Daniel Terry said of her portfolio, “It’s pretty impressive, I have to say. And it’s a solid example of what’s possible for other students in your College. If I were someone on the hiring end of things in a school district and I saw this, I’d be on the phone with her in a hurry. It’s sharp, clean, clear, thorough, and it gives me a good sense of who she is and what she can do because of the artifacts and examples she provides.”     

FrogFolio is part of TCU’s Academy of Tomorrow initiative and enables students display their resume, papers, projects, files and photos that represent their selves and their learning to peers, professors and prospective employers.

Trzaska is an accelerated master’s student. She graduated in May with her bachelor’s and will continue graduate classes at TCU next year to earn her master’s in Special Education. View Jacklyn’s ePortfolio