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Hightower Accepted for Publication

Chris Hightower

In January 2016, Chris Hightower received an invitation to submit a case study proposal outlining how intercultural competence is being developed and assessed at TCU. As the assistant director for Institutional Effectiveness and a recent graduate of the College of Education’s Higher Education Leadership program, he jumped at the opportunity and his enthusiasm is paying off.

Hightower’s proposal will be part of a new book titled Intercultural Competence in International Higher Education publishing later this year.

Intercultural competence is the ability to communicate effectively and appropriately with people of other cultures. Hightower’s dissertation research focused on the subject and the skills, attitudes and beliefs that first-year students bring to college. He used that research and the knowledge gained from his work at TCU for the proposal.

“The book is a collection of case studies, which outlines how various institutions implement intercultural competence at their campuses,” said Hightower. “TCU’s initiatives include the Quality Enhancement Plan: Discovering Global Citizenship. My proposal examines how TCU constructed its program, how it is measured, what we are learning from programmatic activities and what students are achieving by participating in the activities.

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