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Dr. Przymus Presents Bilingual Research Internationally

steve-przymus-editedDr. Steve Przymus has already traveled the world since coming to TCU this fall. The bilingual education professor made the keynote speech at the International Symposium on Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies in Bogota, Colombia. He presented on linguistic landscapes, or hidden messages in societies that influence ideologies regarding race, language and status. These messages include signage that native citizens take for granted, but can be an obstacle for non-native speakers, especially young students. He has also skyped during classes with students and professors from Colombia and Turkey.

Dr. Przymus’ research focuses on teaching methods for emergent bilinguals (English Language Learners). He recently had an article published in the Bilingual Research Journal in a special issue honoring the work of Dr. Richard Ruiz, a leader in bilingual education and language policy. Dr. Przymus studied and worked with Dr. Ruiz at the University of Arizona and his contribution to the issue details a new model of bilingual/dual-language instruction that he developed, called the 2-1-L2.

His 2-1-L2 model differs from traditional bilingual education programs, which typically end after elementary school and focus on separate instruction in two different languages. Przymus’ proposed model is designed for secondary education, grades 6-12 and incorporates 30 minutes of instruction in one language, 30 minutes in the other, then time for switching back and forth between languages, or translanguaging, in every lesson.

He has been invited by the editors of the Bilingual Research Journal to talk about his article and model as a panelist at the National Association of Bilingual Education (NABE) conference this February in Dallas.