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Doctoral Student Receives Prestigious Award

STARS Ying WangYing Wang received TCU’s STARS award for 2015-2016, a prestigious grant used to recruit graduate students of exceptional quality to graduate programs. Wang accepted the honor from Chancellor Victor Boschini at a luncheon last fall. Seventeen TCU students have received the award in the past three years, including Wang and two others in the College of Education —Ummuhan Malkoc and JingJing Ma.

Wang has traveled a long way from her hometown in Sichuan Province in southwest China. She received her Bachelor’s degree at Xinjiang University and completed the American Studies Master’s program at Foreign Studies University in Beijing. She traveled often in China and taught students in different informal settings, leading to her interest in education. She wanted the chance to visit the country she’d been studying, and when she researched TCU’s Curriculum Studies Ph.D. program, she knew she’d found the perfect fit for her goals.

“I liked the overview of the program, including ideas of learning and teaching as well as how educational issues are interpreted with various theories.” Wang said.

The Curriculum Studies program, led by advisors Dr. M. Francyne Huckaby and Dr. Gabriel Huddleston, draws upon multiple perspectives to study curriculum, individuals, societies, and interdisciplinary themes, while critically examining educational issues and policies.

Wang started at TCU last fall and said she loves the connections and support she receives in the College of Education, attending national conferences, lectures on campus, and connecting with a close community of professors and students.

She has a passion for studying, researching and developing education in the U.S. and hopes to pursue that passion in her career beyond TCU.

“I want to connect to people and research, and bring some changes to their life,” Wang said.