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Davis Wins Honors Competition

Congratulations to Early Childhood Education senior Allison Davis, who won the College of Education Senior Honors Presentations. Davis earned the chance to represent the College of Education at the John V. Roach Honors College Boller Competition Finals on Tuesday, Apr. 17, where she received an honorable mention.

Dr. Michelle Bauml, Allison Davis and Dr. Robin Griffith
Chandler Hefter, Erin Dianis, Allison Davis and Hannah Heurlin

Davis is a member of the College’s D.R.I.V.E. student leadership group, the Dean’s Advisory Cabinet and Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society, and received the TCU Pillar of University Leadership award last year.

She completed her honors project under the guidance of faculty mentors, Drs. Michelle Bauml and Robin Griffith. The project focused on the planning and in-the-moment decisions that 12 TCU preservice teachers made during guided reading lessons in Dr. Griffith’s Reading Methods course.

The study findings showed about a 70/30 split in preservice teachers’ use of planned pre-lesson decisions versus in-the-moment decisions, showing that they were prepared to plan and teach guided reading using understanding of components like text selection along with the knowledge of their learners.

“Preservice teachers were capable of making developmentally appropriate teaching decisions when armed with the powerful knowledge of their learners,” Davis said in her presentation.

Senior Honors Presentations:

Special thanks to Dr. Amber Esping, coordinator of the Honors program in the College of Education.


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