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Bridging Language Barriers

Steve Przymus, Assistant Professor of Bilingual/ESL at TCU
Steve Przymus, Ph.D.

Steve Przymus received a grant from the U.S. Embassy in Turkey to increase global awareness for teacher candidates, in-service English teachers and their students, and foster ties between the two countries.

He will collaborate with project leader Osman Solmaz, a professor at Dicle University in Diyarbakır, Turkey to help teacher candidates and English language teachers integrate issues of globalization and global citizenship into their classrooms, using linguistic landscapes or signs and other text and images that convey language and cultural meaning.

This project is the convergence of three lines of Przymus’ research: translanguaging, linguistic landscapes and transnational online semi-anonymous communication. Scholarship informed by this research includes Przymus & Solmaz (in progress) The impact of translanguaging on transnational online educational exchanges: Nurturing U.S.-Turkish pre-service teachers’ relationships and language development and Solmaz & Przymus (in progress) English language teaching via linguistic landscapes.

The project team will create an online platform and an Instagram contest for students to collaborate, and identify and share examples of linguistic landscapes. Przymus will visit Turkey and Solmaz will visit the U.S. during the project for in-person meetings and workshops.

“The ultimate goal is to present opportunities for teachers and teacher candidates to learn and practice integrating linguistic learning materials into their classes, and create a safe atmosphere for learners to discuss issues related to globalization, global citizenship and English as a Lingua Franca and engage them in meaningful real-life tasks,” Solmaz said.

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