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Alumni Q&A: Erica Wood

Erica Wood ’09 M.Ed. ’16

Erica Wood earned her Master of Education in Educational Leadership in 2016. She was part of the second cohort of the Principal Leadership Fellows Program, designed to cultivate leaders in partner school districts with mentoring, coaching, small group learning and practicum experiences. She earned her Bachelor of Science from TCU, completing the Early Childhood-6th Grade teacher education program in 2009.

Can you talk about how your career has evolved in education?

“I taught first grade in Burleson ISD for three years and taught kindergarten for three years in Keller ISD. While in the Principal Fellows program, I completed my internship at Cap Rock Elementary and worked for three years at the district’s Early Learning Center. I am now the Coordinator of Early Learning for the district and I’ll be working with the program side of early learning, supporting teachers and principals.

The biggest transition has been expanding my viewpoint. As a teacher your biggest worry is your students, and now I’m supporting the district and programs.”

What was your experience in the Principal Fellows Program like?

“The internship and the connections I’ve made within the Keller district and TCU is really irreplaceable. You work very closely with the administration department and that helped me to be comfortable around administration. I’ve worked more with emotional learning and creating mindful classrooms, but the program prepared me for the instructional side and how to lead campuses.

I feel like the things they’re doing now with follow up and book study, they’re really trying to support people after the program. It’s nice to have people I can call when I need something.”

Why do you do what you do?

“I want to teach people that persistence matters. Teaching gets hard but if you keep plugging away and do what’s best the payoff is worth it. Leadership is inspiring people to keep working and do what’s best for kids.”

What advice do you have for educators and leaders in the field?

“Stay true to yourself. If you don’t think it’s a good fit for you or what you want to do then hold out until you find a good fit. And don’t get worn down by limitations or things you can’t control.”