Title II Report

Title II is the Federal accountability system which reports student success on initial teacher certification exams. Students in the College of Education consistently have a high rate of success on the TExES exam in the 97 to 100 percent range.

In 1873, TCU was among the first universities in Texas to offer teacher preparation. Students in the College of Education learn their profession in a curriculum rich in technology, centered on people and grounded in data-based theories and practices. Graduates of our teacher education program are highly sought after resulting in 100% job placement.

Faculty in the College of Education are recognized for their contributions to educational research and program development. As a result, our graduates have expertise in content, pedagogy, and technology and specializations in urban education, special education, mathematics and science education. Our faculty members and students work collaboratively with school systems and participate in many forms of international education.

TCU’s College of Education continues to evaluate our teacher preparation programs to ensure that our graduates fulfill our mission “to prepare effective, ethical leaders with a passion for learning.”