Teaching Abroad

Students who have been admitted into clinical/student teaching have the opportunity to teach in other countries as part of their clinical teaching experience for 4 weeks. Countries may include Canada, the Netherlands, England, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland. Others may be added as the network of countries expands. For more information, contact Dr. Marilyn Tolbert, m.tolbert@tcu.edu.


Students must be in good standing with the College of Education and TCU. They must also meet all the requirements and have been accepted into clinical/student teaching.

Applications & Forms

When applying for clinical/student teaching, students may indicate if they would like to go abroad. Students who student teach abroad are still required to student teach an additional 12 weeks at local student teaching assignment(s).


Students are notified of abroad teaching assignments at the same time as they receive their notification of local student teaching assignments. A mandatory orientation to explain how travel arrangements should be made, as well as living and travel arrangements while abroad will be held prior to departure.